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Truk Conspicuity Marking

Our products including all kinds of jumbo rolls and finished goods, like BOPP packing tapes, PE and EVA foam tapes, PET tapes, cloth tape, no noise tape, special double sided tapes, Kraft paper tape, printed tapes, masking tapes and so on.

Tearable, can be used in bad weather, high counter-reflectivity ability, high visualization,excellent extensibility, good stickiness.

Our products used in Agriculture vehicles, Emergency Vehicles,Locomotives, Marking, Rail Cars, Roadwork vehicles, School Buses, Trailers, Trucks & Trailers, Various Applications.

Tong Ming Conspicuity Marking make vehicles more visible and help to protect the motorists. Drivers always rely on what they can see. In the evening, vehicles with Tong Ming Conspicuity Markings will provide better visual information, safer when moving or stop aside.

Hua R Sheng has more than 18 years of experience in the production of reflective materials, and our products have many national certifications. Our products can last up to 10 years, and the warranty period reflective film does not fade, not powder, not falling, not peeling.We offer free samples and quick quotes, contact US via